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Crime Beat: Extract 3 from Life is a Thriller

This is the last extract from the collection of papers – Life is a Thriller: Investigating African Crime Fiction, edited by Anja Oed and Christine Matzke, and published by Rudiger Koppe Verlag. Copies can be obtained from the publisher. Here Christine Matzke discusses her reading list of African crime fiction (up to 2011) which – although she admits it is incomplete – is as close as you can get to an overview survey.

Of Guns, Ghosts, and Gangsters:

a preliminary checklist of African and African-Diasporic crime novels in English

Christine Matzke

For many years I have been reading and enjoying crime fiction by African and African-Diasporic writers. What I could not find in the usual bookshops or during my travels, I was given by my ‘crime fiction scouts’ on their return from Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe or South Africa. My bookshelves filled, as did my mental list of works I still wanted to read. My initial curiosity became a mild addiction, with the occasional feverish bout. Part of my affliction lay in the reading pleasure, part of it in the actual detection of new or long forgotten texts.

This collection of essays provides me with the perfect opportunity to share both shelves and lists with other crime fiction aficionados and critics in the field. Apart from a general health warning – there is indeed a serious danger of a crime fiction dependency – I need to add the usual academic words of caution. For one, this checklist does not claim to be exhaustive, but is an attempt at providing first stepping stones into the shadowy world of African crime narratives in English. Only novels are included, not (collections of) short stories or plays. Also omitted is colonial crime fiction with an African setting. Juvenile and young adult literature, however, is taken into account as some of the most popular book series can be con­sidered to belong to that category. (Series titles, if provided at all, directly follow the name of the publishing house as with Macmillan Pacesetters, Heinemann Front­liners, etc.; otherwise items are simply in alphabetical order).

This checklist was primarily compiled from my personal holdings, those at the Humboldt University, Berlin, and the University of Bayreuth. Wherever possible I have checked entries against the original, though in some cases this proved to be difficult. I also consulted the Cape Town-based blog “Crime Beat” (http://crime, Google Books, various publishers’ websites and scholarly data­bases such as the MLA and JSTOR. The latter are more useful for the compilation of critical material, which will be a future project.

Readers interested in mid-twentieth century South Africa might find further material in Susan Friedland’s bibliography of South African Detective Stories in English and Afrikaans from 1951–1971 (1972). Available in the British Library, Friedland’s bibliography lists South African writers who write crime fiction, and writers of other nationalities who use South Africa as a setting. Excerpts from her compil­ation are also reprinted in Mysteries of Africa (Schleh 1991: 92-97).

Friedland’s idea of what constitutes South African detective stories’ brings me to the central question: What is ‘African crime fiction in English’? Students of African literature will be reminded of Ngũgĩ’s canonised remarks at the 1962 Makerere Conference of African Writers of English Expression in which he reiter­ated some of the ongoing debate about ‘African literature’: “Was it literature about Africa or about the African experience? Was it literature written by Africans? What about a non-African who wrote about Africa: did his work qualify as African literature? What if an African set his work in Greenland: did that qualify as African literature?” (Ngũgĩ 1986: 6) and so on. The discussion is well-known and need not be repeated. Katja Meintel, in her book-length study on francophone African crime fiction, uses a relatively rigid set of principles: novels by Sub-Saharan African authors set exclusively in Sub-Saharan African nation states which comply with certain ‘standard’ conventions of crime fiction, such as ‘mystery’, ‘suspense’, and ‘solution’ (Meintel 2008: 7-9, 31-35).

My own selection criteria are much more fluid, both in terms of the authors’ ‘origins’ and present locations, settings and genre boundaries. Readers using this list will find writers born and bred and still living on the African continent, as well as those with a significant ‘African connection’, such as family ties, histories of migration or decades of work experience. The majority of works listed here do indeed have an African setting; others are more transcontinental in character. Ideally, I should have followed Sabrina Brancato’s suggestion to ‘start from the texts themselves rather than from their authors’ (Brancato 2009: 108) as many of the writers lead transnational lives and are not easily ‘placed’. But this would have meant excluding works like (Kwame) Anthony Appiah’s Avenging Angel (a very ‘British’ whodunnit) which I believe to be one of the many wonderful curiosities in this compilation. In other cases, such as Gillian Slovo and June Drummond (who died in June 2011 at the age of 87), I only noted their works linked to South Africa, not any of their numerous other crime novels set in Britain or elsewhere. If anything is consistent in this checklist, then it is its inconsistency.

Regarding sub-genres, similar remarks are called for. Readers will find the whole range of common models, from the mystery/clue puzzle (Appiah) to the police procedural (Kunzmann), from the hardboiled (Mackenzie) to the thriller (Ng’weno), from the historical crime novel (Brown) to the postmodern anti-detective text (Nicol’s The Ibis Tapestry). As in many other contexts, however, genre boundaries are not fixed and often defy easy classification. Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ had good reasons for dedicating Nairobi Heat to fellow writers Meja Mwangi and David Maillu and thanking them ‘for blurring the margins’. Fellow Kenyan Charles Mangua or the Nigerian Cyprian Ekwensi could be added here; they too blurred genre boundaries. Common to all the entries are strong elements of crime and investigation, but some works might not satisfy readerly expectations of ‘detective fiction’. Particularly striking is the overlap of certain popular genres, above all ‘romance’ and ‘crime’. The Macmillan Pacesetters book series is a case in point. Trying to reach an audience of young adult readers from the 1970s to 1990s, writers liberally mixed crime with romantic love stories and vice versa. Genya’s Links of a Chain and Kyerewaa’s Kimberlite Flame follow similar patterns, as does, to a certain extent, Makholwa’s Red Ink. Julika Griem (and a number of my students) recently remarked that Makholwa used thriller elements to establish a ‘Sex and the City’ formula in 21st-century Johannesburg (Griem 2010) rather than focus on a serial killer.

Most novels listed were originally written in English, but I have also included some authors whose works have been translated into English: Deon Meyer (Afrikaans) because he has become the yard stick of contemporary South African crime fiction; the late Ben Mtobwa because of his enormous popularity in Tanzania and across the Swahili-speaking world; Tracy Gilpin because her sequel to Double Cross has only been published in German.

Finally, a word of thanks to my crime fiction scouts who have provided me with new reading material over many years: Geoff Davis, Lutz Diegner, James Gibbs, Susanne Gehrmann, Martin Haas, Annekie Joubert, Susanne Mühleisen, Ranka Primorac, Silke Strickrodt, and Flora Veit-Wild. You are detectives in your own right.

A preliminary checklist of African and African-Diasporic crime novels in English

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